The Right to Dividend Income Sourced from the Issuance of a Tax Credit

 Our legislative effort for passage of a new clean energy tax credit will be tax revenue positive net of the credit. There is a race between the transition to clean energy and the existential threat of global warming. The last thing we should do is to eliminate the clean energy tax credit. But that’s the current plan.

What we need is a redesigned tax credit that is radically larger. A tax credit whose design transcends politics as usual because it is net tax revenue positive.  How can it be net tax revenue positive? The tax credit is designed to stimulate growth by rebuilding the heart of our economy, the middle class.

Herein we define a new principal of economics: Economic benefits sourced in a tax credit which stimulates business activity must accrue in some measure to the geopopulation responsible for the credit’s issuance. In so doing the tax credit generates net revenue. That’s the vision of a new economic era to which we choose to give birth. We’ve used tax policy to create a virtuous cycle in the past. We created a virtuous cycle that made the rich, richer. We need to create a virtuous cycle that makes the heart of our economy, the middle class, richer.

A virtuous cycle that makes the few wealthy, generates government deficits.

A virtuous cycle that makes the majority wealthy, generates societal wealth. It more than pays for itself. It generates generational wealth.

That’s what a larger clean energy tax credit will achieve.

Think about the task before us. We have to transition from an economy based on unsustainable sources of energy to an economy based on sustainable energy. And we have to do it fast. We are in a race with climate change.

A 70% self funding tax credit will generate phenomenal economic growth.


Through SolarMethod we do so utilizing an economic principle that creates societal and generational wealth for all of us.


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