Global Economics

Assets are increasingly owned by fewer people. Network effect. Money begets money. Tax effect. Create benefit for companies. External diseconomy. By product: Greater wealth concentration. Need to create economic benefit generating tax revenue that offsets revenue cost of tax incentive. A way to create economic activity which generates tax revenue net positive of the tax incentive is to source an economic benefit …

SolarMethod: Transformative Business Model

Turn sustainable energy into an income source for everyone. Use clean energy revenue to buy up the shares of public companies  and distribute dividends  to working families. How > > Generate clean energy. Issue tax credit Invest tax credit in assets generating  tax revenue which offsets the tax incentive. Convey asset to the working pour. Distribution: Dependent on tax credit issued.

A Deeper Vision of Human Community

The Law of the Jungle > If ‘x’ can kill and eat ‘y’,  then ‘y’ deserves it. If we create a universal income, do we create a new law of human community?  

R&D Investing and Warrant Exercision

The investment of the monetized tax credit can take this form: The monetized tax credit can be invested in companies performing third party R&D. Providing third party services generates an income stream for the investor. The firm for whom R&D services are performed receives a tax credit of 65% of funds spent on R&D. The third party service provider receives warrants …

A Central Principle, A Central Objective

Tax credit benefits business. At the expense of the taxpayer who bears the cost of  the tax credit. The taxpayer should benefit to offset the expense. The resultant economic activity generates tax revenue which exceeds the expense of the cost tax credit. SolarMethod creates a platform to insure that the tax credit is self sustaining.  

Will We Rise to Meet the Greatest Challenge of Any Age

Our forebears faced a world at risk.  They mobilized and rose to the challenge of their day. In so doing they earned the moniker, the ‘Greatest Generation’. Again, our world is at risk. Is there greatness residing within us? Of course there is. We are their children. Do we have the will to summon a legacy of resolve to do what only …