Let's Turn the Energy of the Sun into an Income for Everyone

The Faster We Transition to Clean Energy The Faster Our Economy Grows

SolarMethod uses the investment tax credit associated with solar power systems to  generate supplemental income for working families. Creating an enhanced social benefit enables SolarMethod to enhance the tax benefits of investing in solar power generating systems, thus busting a move in terms of stimulating investment. Here's the magical part. The faster we transition to clean energy, the faster we rebuild the middle class. A vibrant middle class is what drives our economy.  A vibrant middle class is what made the American economy into the world's economic engine. The Magic has No Bounds. Is that excessively poetic? I mean, the magic doesn't stop there... What if the tax credit is self-funding?

A Central Attribute

The economic activity that results from creating supplemental income for working families makes the investment tax credit self-funding, That's the economics of SolarMethod.  

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