Global Economics

Assets are increasingly owned by fewer people.

Network effect. Money begets money.

Tax effect. Create benefit for companies. External diseconomy.

By product: Greater wealth concentration.

Need to create economic benefit generating tax revenue that offsets revenue cost of tax incentive.

A way to create economic activity which generates tax revenue net positive of the tax incentive is to source an economic benefit for taxpayers generated from the tax incentive driving business activity.

A way that results in asset accumulation for tax payers who are creating new wealth thru the tax incentives they pay for:

  1. Thru deficit financing.
  2. Thru picking up the tax burden.

SolarMethod reverses the network effect of asset accumulation.

The tax effect is in part due to the lobbying of companies and their campaign contributions.

Is it possible that the tax effect is marching us back towards feudalism?

SolarMethod sets the global economy on a different path. A path to greater prosperity.

Which is better for the wealthy. It takes a vibrant middle class to generate strong economic growth.

9/18 7:37 am

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