SolarMethod as a Platform

SolarMethod will provide a platform for designing tax credits that are self-funding.

And turning tax credits into societal income.

Any technology, such as CO2 to ethanol, such as energy storage, can utilize the SolarMethod platform.

Here’s a potential model for applying SolarMethod in less developed economies:

The tax credit will be used to generate social benefits which lift the poor out of poverty, consistent with a healthy environment.

SolarMethod will provide a platform for designing and monetizing tax credits to provide funds for investment in social benefits which stimulate economic growth;

CO2 to ethanol;

Solar stoves;

Bio-mass generators;

Sterling generators;

Clean water purifiers;

And so on.

Business pays for power.

Property owners pay for power.

An investment fund invests in technologies, a tax credit is offered for investment in the technology. The tax credit is monetized. Those funds are used to acquire shares in the companies producing the technologies. Dividends are paid out to the users of the products produced. The tax credit can also be used to fund micro loans for the purpose of investing in technologies.

How do we pay for all of these tax credits?

The SolarMethod Platform enables the design and monetization of tax credits such that the tax credit is self-funding.



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