Funding a More Rapid Transition to Clean Energy through the Conveyance of Income Producing Assets to Working Families

Thanks to existing tax credits, there is a substantial profit per watt realized from a solar power installation.
SolarMethod is a social benefit corporation whose purpose is to create supplemental income for renters in the form of an income producing asset.
In effect, we are beta testing a method for providing universal dividend income.
We think its possible to fund a more rapid transition to clean energy by using the  investment tax credit to generate  supplemental income for working families.
By using the investment tax credit associated with solar energy installations to create dividend income for working families, we generate net positive tax revenue.
We can make the case to increase the investment tax credit such that we accelerate the transition to clean energy.
Does this matter? It matters if we are concerned about a +2 degree C rise in temperatures.
It matters if we are concerned about the social implications of increasing inequality.
The methodology we seek to employ in our transition to clean energy is such that the faster we transition to clean energy, the faster we reverse income inequality.
And the faster we reduce income inequality, the faster we are able to transition to clean energy.
In engineering terms, our methodology creates a virtuous input/output loop.
Would you like to be part of this effort?

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