A Letter to the World of Your Dreams … which is the World of Your Unwavering Intent

What SolarMethod can achieve:
    Transition to clean energy creates supplemental income for working families.
        Wealth from clean energy can be used to create universal dividend income.
SolarMethod will acquire the stock of publicly traded companies and distribute those shares to taxpayers.
Tax incentives can be structured such that they achieve social goals in a way that is self-funding.
    Distribution of shares of stock to taxpayers offsets the cost of the tax incentive.
Paying taxes means being an investor in your government.
Getting Clean Energy Companies to Use the SolarMethod Platform
Provide lower cost funding
SolarMethod provides funds for projects developed by firms that use our platform.
Provide competitive advantage
Users of the SolarMethod Platform create
          1. a greater ROI for tax equity investors.
          2. A greater incentive for property owners to participate.

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