The Inequality Index + Climate Clock

We can accelerate the transition to clean energy by reducing income inequality. We can use the limitless resource of the sun to produce a universal dividend income. The reduction in inequality creates growth in jobs and spending generating additional tax revenue which funds tax credits accelerating the transition to clean energy. Generate tax revenue that allows a larger tax credit. And even more tax revenue.

Show The Inequality Index + Climate Clock if we continue doing what we are doing.

Shows what the inequality index and climate clock if we engage in reducing inequality to accelerate the transition to sustainability.

Natural CO2 levels have risen from 280 to 405 parts per million since the Industrial Revolution, and current estimates hold that the world will be 6 C hotter by 2100.

By 2020, we lose our window.

See the Map? Uh, I know you don’t and that’s why we are having this kickstarter.

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