One Simple Idea: Increasing the Solar Energy Tax Credit to Accelerate Economic Growth and Head off Runaway Global Warming

Is it not obvious that if we need to accelerate the transition to clean energy, then we need to enhance the tax credit instead of eliminating it?

How can we afford to do that?

The tax credit generates positive net tax revenue.

The tax credit can be increased to 70% and still generate net positive tax revenue with the proper redesign.

What happens to economic growth, what happens to job creation, when the tax credit for a clean energy installation is 70%?

We have a big job to do. We have to transition from an unsustainable energy source to a sustainable energy source.

The creation of tens of thousands of new jobs every month will give rise to economic growth worthy of a new golden age.

Economic growth that rises all boats. Economic growth that results in greater equality.

Really? What about the law of economics that states that the rich get richer and the poor make them richer?

How about creating a new law of economics:

A law stating that use of the limitless abundance of the sun to create universal dividend income can be used to manage scarce resources for the benefit of all. A law that states that we have solar rights to the energy produced by the sun even if we don’t own the parcel of earth upon which the energy is absorbed.

If the income from the sun is used to acquire income producing assets by individuals, the function of the free market to allocate resources remains the same. But now there is a baseline of financial support.

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