If We Do This Right, The Sun’s Energy Will Become an Income Stream for Everyone

If people live in a capitalist system,  shouldn’t they expect to be participants?

For people to participate, they must become equity stakeholders.

The sun is a limitless resource which can become an equity based income source for every one of us.

Plants use photosynthesis to turn the sun’s energy into equity.

People can accrue ownership of an equity based income producing asset through financial synthesis of the sun, a limitless capital asset.

With SolarMethod the accrual of equity based income producing assets starts with working families.

Like a pebble thrown into a lake, ever widening circles of asset ownership will spread.

Eventually, all members of society will become equity stakeholders of an income producing asset.

In less developed economies those funds can be re-invested:


Better seed stock.

Income producing animals.

Clean cooking and lighting.

Disease prevention.

Health care.

Further stimulating entrepreneurship in ways that benefit the population while generating additional tax revenues.


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