How A Universal Dividend Income Would Help Us Arrive at the Future to which We Aspire

The overly complicated title is the beginning of the overly complicated conceptual structure to be described.

As the work week is decreased to make enough work for everyone, the universal dividend income will supplement incomes.

Well, I guess that wasn’t overly complicated.

Let me say that again, backwards. Because it will make more sense upside down and backwards.

To create work for everyone, the work week will have to be reduced. To three days (a work treek?). The universal dividend income will enable people to opt for the new work half week. People who opt for the short week will be receiving a universal dividend income.

People with a three day work week  have time to master new work skills.

Why not work Mon, Tues, Wednesday at one job and Thursday, Friday and Saturday at a second job?*

*(Attribution: Carlos Slim)

Not upside down? Just backwards and forwards.

Receiving a universal dividend will enable Transformation of what the Future can be.

Plenty of Work to Do

We have to transition to clean energy.

Increase energy efficiency. Connect everything.

Get our cars to drive themselves.

Health care. Take care of each other. Live longer.

Kindness care. What act of kindness can I engage in today?

How Do We Pay for Free Money for All

The Sun is free energy for all. How do we do that?  Before property lines, the sun’e energy was free to everyone.

Now need land. We don’t all have land. But can we make it fee again through tax credit design. The sun, which is used to produce an ‘income’ for all, will do so again.

Tax Credit Design

Not redistribution. Involving money supply expansion. Economic driver. Self-funding.



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