Here’s How to Create a Universal Dividend Income

Create value.  Produce value. Universally.

Sun = Life.

How do we turn the energy from the sun into an income?

Tax credit for solar production. Tax credit needs to create a social benefit.

Have the ITC. Use it for now.

Need to design a credit specific for turning solar into an income for everyone.

Tax credit needs to be self-funding = self-sustaining. self-renewing.

create renewable energy with a tax credit need a self-renewing tax credit.

tax credit needs to turn energy produced into dividend income.

you own the asset earning the dividend.

sell energy to the robot doing your job.

tax credit is organization of government such that a service and income are produced.

the credit provides the social good which gov is designed to deliver.

money is spent in such a way that the tax revenue generated makes up for the tax revenue which was foregone.

first mutli-trillion dollar company.

creating trillions of dollars of assets on behalf of 7+B ppl.



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