General Tax Credit Theory

General Tax Credit Theory: Giving Rise to the New Modern New Modern (exponent)


Let’s say that the cost of electricity drops to zero.

But we still need to replace oil with solar.

So we can’t sell the solar power.

We get a tax credit for the install.

How does the investor get repaid?

The tax credit is used to buy shares in a YieldCo or in a REIT.

The dividend income & profit in the form of share price increase = repayment


Molecular Biology > Everything is Pathways. Pathways that loop.   

Monetize the tax credit to create dividend income for working families.

So, as we transition to clean energy we can reduce inequality.

The faster we reduce inequality the faster we can transition to clean energy.

Sun into universal dividend income.

Need verification of model.


Design a self-funding investment tax credit …

Can we increase it to 80%

What’s the effect on job creation?

Effect on the economy? Hundreds of thousands of new jobs per month.

What’s the effect on economic growth?

Golden age like no other.  

Verification of the Model.

Quantify growth.  

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