The Beautiful Idea: Designing a Solar Tax Credit to Create Universal Dividend Income

We can use the limitless abundance of the sun to create a universal dividend income through the design of a tax credit to serve that purpose.

The solar tax credit provides a financial incentive to the solar provider.

The current tax credit is a 30% investment tax credit, which is a dollar for dollar reduction in taxes.

Not bad. But overly complicated. And its scheduled to decline.

So, suggestions welcome. Maybe a structure like this:

A tax advantaged fund acquires the system which is then owned by the geopopulation which provided the tax credit.

Power is sold to users. The income 1. Provides a market interest rate to the fund. 2. The remainder is used to provide dividend income to the geopopulation providing the tax incentive.

These funds are used to  acquire dividend producing assets.

The abundant energy of the sun can be used by the people of the earth to own the assets of the earth.

Appropriate considering that the earth’s physical assets are solar sourced.

SolarMethod creates a capital base for everyone, reversing the trend toward greater inequality.

Providing a capital base,  provides opportunity.

Capitalism has created a structure for owning and investing assets.

Funds derived through the solar tax credit are to be invested in a manner which  generate tax revenue.

The tax revenue generated will exceed the tax revenue cost of the universal dividend tax credit, if those funds are invested in assets which generate  universal dividend income.

This concept recreates, reimagines, reconstructs the world we live and illuminates a path to a future in which all of us will thrive.

Quick review: What we can accomplish with a universal dividend tax credit.

  1. Turn the energy of the sun into universal dividend income.
  2. Invest income generated by the sale of energy into income producing assets.
  3.  As a function of this income, the marginal propensity to consume generate tax revenue that offsets the cost of the solar tax credit.

 The beautiful part? The income derived from the sale of solar power is used by us to purchase assets which are then universally owned.

We will use the abundance of the sun to  enable the inhabitants of the planet to acquire its assets  while using capitalism to manage those resources for the benefit of the inhabitants of the planet.

Not Just Solar Providers

We can create universal dividend income from application of the same method to other resources.

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