Artificial PhotoSynthesis! Is there a tax credit accelerating this tech?

Artificial Photosynthesis produces fuel from sunlight and carbon dioxide.

Truly tapping the wisdom of plants.

Can we design a self-funding tax credit that brings this tech to scale?

Well, we can give it try …

Tax credit w = x% of funds invested.

Fuel is sold for y. Funds donated = z.

There is marginal propensity to consume of funds invested.

For every dollar invested, $2.50 of tax revenue is generated.

Borrowing to deploy systems will result in the expansion of the money supply.

As the money supply expands, tax revenue increases.

Empirical data approximates Federal tax revenue to be 18.1% of GNP growth.

Empirical data approximates the rate at which money changes hands, the velocity of money, at 5.79

Due to the velocity of money, a $1 increase in M1 is a $5.79 increase in GNP.

Funds invested – fuel revenue = tax credit w

Tax credit w + value of donation from charitable giving = ROI

Something like that. Its Sunday morning … So, yeah, input welcome.

Fix my formula. Rewrite the formula ….



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