What Do We Do If Capitalism, Like Anything Taken to Its Logical Extreme, Breaksdown?

If capitalism is taken to its logical extreme will it break down? When we reach the point at which 1% of the population own more than 80% of the population, are we almost there?

If a person lives in a capitalist society, they need to have capital. Otherwise capitalism is working against them.  We adjust the financial system. What happens when 0.1% of the population owns more than 99% of us?  If capitalism doesn’t evolve, the social order, held together by a societal compact,  has a high probability of breaking down. That’s what SolarMethod is about; The evolution of capitalism.


We will use solar beneficence, and its abundance, to buy the assets of the planet for the benefit of the inhabitants of the planet while using capitalism to manage those resources.

To create the change you want to see in the world, create a business.

SolarMethod is a business which changes the context of doing business.

SolarMethod is a business which functionalizes the evolution of capitalism.



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