How Can Clean Energy Production Create Income Equality?


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if you read it through you'll understand how we can unwind the network effect creating inequality. 

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How it Works, Why It Matters, and

How the Tax Credit Pays for Itself


How Does that Work

We do so by using the existing tax law.

Clean energy install generates Investment Tax Credits.

  1. Solar energy investment tax credit is 30% of the project cost.
  2. The investment tax credit is sold to a corporation that has tax liabilities.
  3. The proceeds from the sale of the tax credit are donated to a qualified non-profit.
  4. The non-profit purchases shares of a publicly traded REIT which are held in a brokerage account. 

A REIT is a real estate investment trust. It pays dividends to share holders.

      5. Brokerage accounts are established in the names of individual renters selected by the non-profit and funded with the shares of the REIT.

Renters become equity stakeholders. Renters would receive shares equal to 10% of the amount which tenants have paid in rent.    

      6.  Renters receive dividend payments from the REIT, an ongoing revenue stream realized by the shareholder. 

       7.  Net income from solar power payments received will be donated to the qualified non-profit.  That donation will be used to purchase additional shares in publicly traded REITs.

       8.  These additional shares in the REIT will be conveyed to the brokerage accounts of renters.

      9.  The charitable deduction will be distributed to the ownership of the properties involved in solar power installations.




Why Does It Matter

The concentration of income is putting the economy at risk. The growth rate of the economy is a function of demand. 

The accretion of assets to fewer and fewer people is the result of people maximizing return on their assets. That's what people can be expected to do.

We can use the investment tax credit to create an ownership economy. The evolution of the structure of capitalism will enable to adapt to serve our economy. 

The Benefit Created by the Tax Credit pays for the Tax Credit

Well, here. 

The dollar is invested in an acquisition fund. The dollar is lent for acquisition of real estate, creating a liability and a credit. So, it creates a dollar. 

That dollar generates loans equal to $3.60. Sales tax and income tax generated equal $1.03. 


The dollar from the tax credit is used to acquire shares in an acquisition fund that lends money. That creates money. So money is created when energy is created. Those dollars are backed by energy creation.